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Random Favourites

The Party Hasn't Ended Part 7
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 7 starring Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and all the inhabitants of Ponyville
Twilight was still lying on the floor of the library, but Dash and Pinkie were no longer beside her and Zecora and the others were nowhere to be seen. She stood up and as she did she noticed that sunlight was streaming in through the windows. She opened the door to the library and looked outside. It was a beautiful sunny day. A light breeze ruffled her mane, while above her fluffy white clouds floated serenely against the blue vault of a summer sky.
"Is... is this really a dream?" she wondered. But it all seemed so real! Twilight didn't know what she'd been expecting – gloomy forests, twisted buildings, labyrinthine streets filled with grotesque illusions maybe?
She was about to go outside when she stepped on something lying on the floor. It was an envelope! She floated it up for a closer look.
To Twilight Sparkle! From your bestest friend forever, Pinkie Pie!<
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 112 146
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 6
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 6 starring Twilight Sparkle and a special guest star
"I do hope Rarity and the fillies are OK…" thought Twilight as she battled her way through the driving rain. "I don't want to imagine what damage Applebloom and her friends have done to the boutique by now, stuck inside out of this storm!"
Her hooves splashed up muddy water as she trotted, soaking her legs, while about her the storm continued to ravage the little town. Trees bent in the growling winds and the rain was now almost a vertical wall that she had to struggle through. The umbrella she had brought from the library had long since been blown out of her telekinetic grip, and had spiralled off into the deepening darkness.
Twilight was almost at Rarity's boutique when a pony came rushing up to her out of the gloom. It was Nurse Mercy, the head of the Ponyville hospital, and she was in such a hurry that she almost ran straight into the unicorn pony.
"Oh, Twilight Sparkle!" Mercy shout
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 119 212
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 5
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 5 starring Rainbow Dash
Twilight looked out the window of her study at the swirling black clouds and she frowned. "That is by far the strangest storm I have ever seen."
She had spent the afternoon trying to find information about the history of unnatural storms  hitting Ponyville – and by unnatural, she of course meant storms that had originated over the Everfree Forest rather than in the Storm Factory in Cloudsdale. But try as she may to concentrate, the whole business between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie was preoccupying her.
She slammed the tome in front of her closed in frustration. "I've read that same sentence TEN TIMES now!" she muttered. "Confound these ponies! They drive me to distraction..."
She stared out the window. The whole town had been plunged into an eerie darkness. The winds that had come up around an hour ago were growing in intensity. The leaves of the tree the library had been built into shivered and rustled a
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 125 169
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 4
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 4 starring Rainbow Dash
"Rainbow Dash!"
When Dash woke up, she realised the voice calling her had been doing so for some time. It had slipped into her dreams – she'd been back in Flight School in Cloudsdale, and she'd obviously done something to annoy her fellow students: everypony's eyes followed her wherever she went, and everywhere there was a conspiratorial whisper of "Rainbow Dash… Rainbow Dash..."
As the Pegasus pony shrugged off sleep and stretched her wings, she looked down from her cloud home to see Twilight calling up to her.
"You're finally awake! Thank Celestia," the unicorn pony muttered. "You're a deep sleeper – I've been down here calling you for about five minutes now!"
Dash chuckled. "That's me – work hard, party harder, sleep hardest!" But at the word 'party', the events of the previous night came flooding back to her. The relief she'd felt that the bad dream had been exactly that had dissolved away and the
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 124 83
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 3
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 3 starring Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
Pinkie was busy with the dishes in the kitchen as Dash lugged the heavy bags of trash out to the back alley behind the bakery. But there was already a pile of garbage there, and it was difficult to find any space for the bags she was carrying.
Dash shook her head in annoyance. "Smoggy and Patchy – you guys! What a time to be taking an extended vacation!" She flew up and placed one of her trash bags gingerly on the top of the already teetering pile. "You'd think the Mayor would have organised somepony other than Derpy Hooves to be in charge of the trash collection while they're away." Flying back down, she collected another bag and flew it to the top of the pile. "When will– " she grabbed another bag, "–everypony learn–" and another, "–that Derpy just isn't the most–" and another. "–dependable of ponies?"
The last bag was on top now, and the tower began to sway.
"Uh oh." D
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 144 156
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 2
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 2 starring Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and the whole cast of Friendship is Magic
As they approached Sugar Cube Corner, things were strangely quiet in the bakery. It seemed to be closed. Had something happened to Mr and Mrs Cake? Pinkie had felt a little twitchy – but it was a kind of twitch she had never felt before. It had started in her tail and travelled up her spine, detoured down her right foreleg then back across her shoulders and down her LEFT foreleg, until finally coming back up to her neck and finishing in her ears, which had gone all floppy. It wasn't a doozy – but it WAS something big!
Spike had stubbornly refused to tell her anything as they hurried back.
"No time for explanations, Pinkie Pie!" he had replied to her excited, incessant questions  as he bounced up and down on her back. "Besides, it something you've got to see for yourself!"
"I know, I know, I know!" Pinkie Pie had chirped, "Butwhatisitwhatisitwhatis
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 148 122
Mature content
The Night Fluttershy Exploded :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 287 376
Interventions are Magic
Interventions are Magic starring Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the cast of Friendship is Magic
"C'mon Twilight! Everypony's waiting for you at Sugar Cube Corner!" Spike had had to half-drag Twilight from the library, where she had spent the evening reading and drinking – mostly drinking. He'd found her curled up on the couch nursing a bottle of vanilla-lemon vodka, the floor a pile of crumpled books and empty bottles, and she'd resisted every effort of his to get her to come with him. He'd tried to pull her by her tail at first, and when that hadn't worked he'd pushed on her rump as she dug her hooves in stubbornly, but now she had finally given up and was walking alongside him, swaying as she went.
"At what… where? Sugar Cube Corner?" she slurred. After half a bottle of vodka, Twilight was three sheets to the wind, and she found it difficult to put one hoof in front of the other. In fact, they threatened to tangle up underneath her at any moment, and she was glad o
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 156 265
The Party Hasn't Ended
The Party Hasn't Ended Starring Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
It's late in the night, dancing is done
The music has died, you're ready to run
But you don't have a clue
This party hasn't ended yet not for me and you
Now you're just pretending
You're hiding from yourself
Yes you are, yes you are
Like golden rays of sun in the cloud
We're meant to be one, I know we are
If I am the sky then you are my star

Pinkie Pie stood in the middle of Sugar Cube Corner and surveyed her handiwork.
"Pinkie Pie," she said to herself. "I know I say this to you… Or do I mean 'me'?… every month, but you've gone and outdone yourself…" She cocked her head in thought. "Or do I mean 'myself'? Oh, I can never work that out!"
The bakery was a riot of streamers and ribbons and crepe-paper and confetti, and brightly-coloured balloons floated up to the ceiling in bunches. The tables were covered with white cloths and party snacks –cookies and muffins and sugar cubes and pot
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 313 169
How Lyra met Bon-Bon
How Lyra met Bon-Bon starring Applejack and the Cutie Mark Crusaders
"C'mon sis!" begged Applebloom, turning to Applejack with her biggest, most glistening doe-eyed look. "Ya promised that if we behaved well all mornin' that ya'd tell me and the rest of the Crusaders a story!" Beside her, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle both nodded in agreement.
Applejack sighed. "How kin anypony  say no to a trio of young'uns as cute as you three?" She looked out the window of the homestead at the wild storm that the Pegasus ponies had brought to Ponyville. "And seein' how it's so stormy out an' all, it seems like a fine way ta pass the time. Now what kinda story should I tell y'all?" She brought a hoof to her chin in thought. "Oh! Ah know! How's about a story about cuties marks, you bein' the Cutie Mark Crusaders an' all."
"Sounds boooring," complained Scootaloo. Applebloom glowered at her.
"Cutie marks ain't never borin'," she said in a huff, "Go ahead with yer story sis!"
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 272 266
The Princess in the High Tower
A Humanised Pony Tale: The Princess in the High Tower
The late night breeze was cold against Luna's face as she gazed down from the window of her chamber high in one of the tallest towers of Canterlot Castle. It blew in around her, setting the tapestries on the walls of her bedroom flapping fitfully. Far below, she could see all of Equestria, covered in darkness, and she watched as one by one the pretty yellow lights of the inhabitants' houses scattered across the blue and grey landscape winked out, leaving everything dark and still.
She looked up at the moon – a mere sliver of anaemic yellow against the black sky, barely brighter than the tiny trembling stars that encircled it, and she thought back to how it had been so different once, a thousand years ago. Her moon had glowed fiercely then, fierce and beautiful, and Equestria had enjoyed a night-time wonderland where everything her light touched sparkled with an aura of blue-silver.
Whenever the people of Equestria told the lege
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 45 83
Mature content
Pinkie Pie Oversized :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 87 120
Derpy's Secret Mail Bag
Letters from Derpy's Secret Mailbag
In all of Equestria, there's no pony quite like the Mail-pony of Ponyville. Her name is Derpy Hooves, and as the Ponyvillians say "Derpy by name, Derpy by nature." But they love her all the same, despite the mail sometimes being delivered late or to the wrong pony, because Derpy is the one pony you can tell your secrets to, and expect them to be kept.
Sometimes a pony of Ponyville needs to get something off his or her chest, but they don't want anyone to know about it. So they write it in a letter and give it to Derpy to deliver. And Derpy can tell, by the wistful look on the pony's face as they hand her the letter and by the fact that the letter has no stamp on it (for the Ponyville Post Office gives every pony a page of stamps the day after every Winter Wrap Up with their own unique cutie mark on them to use throughout the year), that the letter isn't meant to be delivered. So she puts it in her saddlebag, separate from the one with all the
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 86 117
Mirror of Impossible Dreams
The Mirror Of Impossible Dreams starring Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia
Spike was out of the house for once, away on an adventure with Apple Bloom, and Twilight Sparkle was making good use of the time to get as much study done as possible. She sat on her bed reading a book called "The Ursa Major in its Natural Habitat" – it was a fascinating book, and she was so deeply engrossed in it that for a long time she didn't realise there was somepony knocking on the front door of the house.
"Is that Spike back already? Why doesn't he just come in – the door's unlocked for goodness sake! Oh Spike..." But when she got up and went to the door, she saw that it wasn't Spike – it was one of the Pegasus ponies who took travellers between Ponyville and Canterlot. Few ponies made the journey regularly, so she was surprised to see him arrive at her house unannounced.
"Uh, yes? Can I help you?" she asked, and the Pegasus pony bowed and replied:
"Her majesty Princess C
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 63 132
Mature content
Scrumpy Apple Slumber Party :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 147 197
Mature content
Swayback Mountain :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 367 442


Have a wonderful holiday everyone. :D
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