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BlackM3sh's Tutorial to Vector (old) :iconblackm3sh:Blackm3sh 865 178
Luna's Socks - Part 1
Luna's Socks - Part 1 starring Twilight Sparkle and the Princesses Celestia and Luna
"It's absolutely wonderful to have you back home, my faithful student," Princess Celestia said to Twilight as she walked with her along the corridor that would lead to the East Wing of Canterlot Castle where the guest rooms were. "I've missed you terribly, you know."
Twilight suppressed a squeal of delight. The Princess had missed her? Oh, the things she wanted to say in reply – but all she could was blush crimson and whisper, in a voice embarrassingly heavy with emotion: "I've missed you too, Princess…"
"It's such a shame that you can't stay in your old tower," Celestia continued as they passed a series of huge stained-glass windows interspersed with tapestries thousands of years old portraying the history of Equestria. "I'm afraid the renovations are really quite untimely."
"It's alright, Princess," Twilight replied, looking at each of the tapestries thoughtfully as they passe
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 229 232
Mature content
Mistress of Midnight Castle :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 117 260
Mature content
Adventures in Equestria Part 1 :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 122 375
A Mile High in the Summer Sky
A Mile High in the Summer Sky starring Fluttershy and introducing Spitfire
"Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy's voice was as loud as she could make it as she looked for her friend in the rainbow-maned Pegasus pony's cloud-home – but she was nowhere to be found! "...Rainbow? Oh dear!" She flumped onto a cloud and sighed. "Where are you? You promised you'd come and make a rainstorm for me! Oh, now what will happen to the poor little tadpoles?"
After weeks of cloud-free summer weather, the pools in Froggy Bottom Swamp were almost completely dried up – and the eggs that the poor little frogs who lived there had laid had just hatched! Oh, what was she going to do without Rainbow's help? She didn't know anything about changing the weather!
Maybe she'd just wait here a little while and if Rainbow didn't come back she'd go and start collecting all the tadpoles to move them somewhere safe. Oh, that would take all day! But she'd have no other choice – the rest of the
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 137 458
The Legend of Pinkamena
The Legend of Pinkamena starring Pinkie Pie and a bunch of human characters
There are two ways of reaching Equestria from the human world –but this story is about just one of them.
"So," I said, still struggling with the whole crazy idea. "If you fill the room with pink balloons and streamers and confetti, and then place a muffin..."
"A cupcake," she corrected me. "It has to be a cupcake." She shook her head, a half-smile on her lips. "Who knows what would happen if you used a muffin instead!"
"OK – a cupcake, and you have to cover it... in hot sauce?"
"The hot sauce is vital," she assured me. "It absolutely won't work without the hot sauce."
I nodded. OK, so hot sauce was vital! Good to know... "– and you place it in front of the mirror, and then you say – what was her name again?"
"Pinkamena!" she cried, shaking her head. "Weren't you listening Jessie? You have to say Pinkamena three times! Not four, not two – three! And the
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 33 138
Mature content
The Luxury Lotus Spa Follies :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 165 373
The Book of Pinkieism - Page 4
"What's everypony doing here?" asked Pinkie, her little pink face swivelling this way and that. "Is this surprise party for little old me?" She beamed. "Did I have another birthday while I wasn't looking again?"
Her whole home was done up in ribbons and streamers, and the air was thick with floating balloons; there was sarsaparilla and sugar-cubes and all sorts of delicious treats. And not only were all her little filly and colt friends there, but also a lot of grown up ponies, and even some ponies she didn't recognise!
Suddenly a pink-coated pony mare with a curly, springy shock of a mane and a tail like cotton candy pushed her way to the front of the smiling crowd. "Welcome to your surprise party, Pinkie Pie!" she cried, a beaming smile on her round pink face.  "But maybe I should be calling you Twinkie Pie, since you're the teeny-tiny little filly-me from long, long ago!" She ruffled the little pink filly's mane with a forehoof. "And how adorable and totally preciou
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 22 29
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 13
Pinkie and Dash streaked higher, ever higher into the sky. Layer after layer of black, boiling cloud had slipped past them, and then they had escaped the storm and were out among the normal white clouds, the cumulus and cumulo-stratus that floated above Equestria like great white fairy castles. But even those clouds were gone as well now, far below them, and they flew through the clear frosty-blue silent expanse at the top of the world.
Pinkie leaned against Dash and shouted in her ear to be heard over the air coursing past them. "But Dashie? Where are we going? Isn't the storm right back down there?"
Dash shouted back: "We've got to get as high as possible, Pinkie. That way gravity can give us the extra boost we'll need to trigger the sonic rainboom."
Pinkie gulped. "A s-s-s-s-sonic rainboom?" she stuttered. "Straight into the centre of the storm? Are you crazy!?!?"
"You're really asking ME if I'M crazy, Pinkie?" Dash laughed. "That hurricane was born from the rainbow of darkness, so
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 188 968
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 12
The Party Hasn't Ended Concludes Part 2: Rainbow Dash starring Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and all the other colourful and magical little ponies of Ponyville
"Wake up, Pinkie Pie!" Dash sobbed. Her head lay on the little earth pony's unmoving chest, tears streaming from her eyes and soaking her pink coat. "I love you. I love you!"
Outside the black storm raged unabated, the shrieking winds whipping around the Library, the great tree creaking and groaning as if it would splinter apart at any moment, the rain pouring against the windows as if they were trapped in the course of a surging torrent. But none of the ponies inside could hear any of it: all they could hear was the soft sobbing of their friend, and her desperate, unanswered prayers. They all watched, heartbroken, in silence except for the soft weeping of Spike, whose face was still buried in Twilight's chest, unable to look at either Dash or Pinkie.
"Wake up, you stupid, stupid little pony!" Dash yelled suddenly. She
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 121 151
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 11
The Party Hasn't Ended Concludes Part 1: Pinkie Pie
The next thing Pinkie saw was Twilight Sparkle's face, contorted in absolute horror, gaping at her.
"Pinkie Pie," Twilight whispered, her violet eyes wide and staring. "What… what have you done?"
"What are you talking about, Twilight?" asked Pinkie. She saw that she was in Sugarcube Corner and in front of her was a still-steaming batch of cupcakes fresh out of the oven. "I'm just making cupcakes!"
Twilight's sickened gaze switched from Pinkie to somewhere over her shoulder - and then her mouth slipped open in silent scream at what she saw. Pinkie turned in shock and saw something on one of the work benches – the sight was so inexplicable that it took her several heartbeats to realise it was a Pegasus pony, lying on its side.
"Rainbow… Dash?" Pinkie whispered. The Pegasus pony was lying on her side and her face wasn't visible, but her unique multi-coloured mane identified her without a doubt. But she wasn't moving
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 130 224
One Lazy Summer Afternoon
It was a hot summer's afternoon in the Ponyville schoolhouse. Miss Cheerilee was at the blackboard, a pointer in her mouth, indicating areas on the map she had drawn in chalk.
"... and as a result of Princess Celestia's decisive action, Equestria today enjoys peace with the Kingdom of the Griffons..."
Towards the back of the classroom Sweetie Belle and Applebloom were hard at work ignoring Miss Cherilee's lesson, deep in a heartfelt discussion far more important than the history of the Pony-Griffon Wars.
"And then Rarity said it was the best cross-stitch she'd ever, ever seen!" gushed Sweetie Belle. "But even after doin' it for a whole morning, when I looked at my flank it was still blank!" She slumped her head onto her desk, defeated.
Applebloom leaned across from her desk. "Well, Ah was buckin' apples with mah big sis the whole weekend and she said that it was th' best buckin' she'd seen from a youn 'un, ever!"
"And!?" asked Sweetie Belle, he
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 41 91
Mare of Misrule
Princess for a Day starring those magical ponies from Friendship is Magic
"How are those cupcakes coming along, Pinkie?" Twilight poked her head into Sugarcube Corner from the street.
Pinkie Pie was puffing as she carried out a tray of cupcakes and placed them on a bench to cool. She wiped her forehead. "They're almost finished, Twilight! This was the last batch… phew! I'm a pooped little Pinkie!"
"Augh!" muttered Spike, his little purple scaly head appearing under Twilight's. "How in Equestria did everything get so messy in here, Pinkie Pie?"
The inside of the bakery was a scene of confectionary cataclysm. Multi-coloured frosting coated the walls, icing sugar and flour floated about in little clouds, and the baker herself was covered in batter.
The little pink pony looked chagrined. "Well, there's frosting everywhere because I had a problem getting all the frosting into the pastry bag and there was a little teeny-weeny explosion. And then the flour and confectionary
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 41 105
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 10
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 10 starring Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
"I'm so glad that you decided to come to the ball with me, Dash!" said Star Catcher. Her mane was done up in a formal style, an abundance of curls fashioned into a crown at her poll, the rest falling down the other side in a waterfall of blue and pink. Her ears glittered with diamond earrings and the necklace at her throat sparkled. Dash had never seen a filly look more stunning. She blushed as she took the hoof Star Catcher offered her and they stepped together through the huge doors that led into the great hall of Cloudsdale Flight School.
The roof of the hall was open to the air and the weather had been expressly designed for the evening's celebration. A sliver of a moon shone down through layers of stratus clouds that lit up in its soft light like a veil of glowing yellow-silver. Gorgeous banks of cumulus surrounded them, and illuminated by the last rays of the setting sun their undersides were aglow,
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 132 271
The MLP Drinking Game
Whenever anypony's hairdo is ruined.
Whenever anypony makes a pony-related pun (FILLY-delphia, NEIGH-sayers).
Whenever anypony refers to "friendship".
Additionally, you must say "Friendship is Magic!" or finish your drink.
Whenever anypony refers to PRINCESS CELESTIA, take a shot in her honor.
Additionally, you must say "Another thousand years!" or finish your drink.
Whenever anypony drinks something, you must also take a drink.
Additionally, you must say "Confound these ponies! They drive me to drink." or finish your drink.
Whenever a unicorn outside the named cast appears on screen.
Additionally, you must say "Unicorn Power!" or finish your drink.
Whenever DERPY appears on screen.
Whenever anypony claps (clops?) their hooves or brohoofs another pony
Whenever APPLEJACK or RAINBOW DASH are forced to wear girlie clothes.
Whenever anypony grabs another's tail.
Whenever FLUTTERSHY says UM.
Whenever FLUTTERSHY squeaks.
Whenever FLUTTERSHY is abused by Angel in some way.
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 284 361
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 9
The Party Hasn't Ended Part 9 starring Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash stood at the end of the cloud-colonnade and looked over the edge, gazing down towards the surface of Equestria far below her. Tears fell steadily from her rose eyes and she watched as each tear spiralled down through the night air until it disappeared. It would be so easy to just fall forwards, to keep her wings furled tight against her sides, and to just spiral down to the earth herself until she disappeared as well!
It was then that she felt somepony approaching her along the colonnade, from the direction of Cloudsdale Flight School's hall where the Autumn Sky Ball was coming to an end. She didn't turn her head, but sobbed and rubbed the tears from her eyes.
"Just go away!" she whispered harshly at the unseen newcomer. "Can't you see I just want to be alone?"
"Oh, Miss Dash," It was a cultured voice, soft and resonant, and Dash immediately recognised it. "Thank goodness I've found you at las
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 117 143


Have a wonderful holiday everyone. :D
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